Maternity/Paternity/ Adoption/Shared

Acknowledging Pregnancy Asking for MATB1 Form and Setting out Leave and Pay Details
Adoption Pay and Leave Policy
Confirming Date for Return from Maternity
Confirming Details for Adoption Leave and Pay
Confirming Details for Maternity Leave and Pay
Confirming Details For Shared Parental Leave and Pay
Confirming Extension of Maternity Leave
Confirming Ordinary Paternity Leave and Pay
Fixed Term Contract of Employment (Maternity Cover)
Invitation to Consultation Meeting Whilst Absent from Work (Sickness or Maternity)
Invite to Flexible Working Meeting Whilst on Maternity Leave
Invite to Meeting to Discuss Shared Parental Leave Request
Maternity Policy
Parental Leave Policy
Paternity Pay and Leave Policy
Shared Parental Leave Booking Form
Shared Parental Pay and Leave Policy

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