Announcement Letter – Less Than 20 Staff, Not Electing Reps (Selection Criteria Needed)
Announcement Letter – Less Than 20 Staff, Not Electing Reps (Selection Criteria Not Needed)
Announcement Letter – More than 20 staff, Electing Reps (Irrespective of Whether Selection Criteria is Needed)
Grievance Raised During Redundancy – Process Postponed
Invitation to Consultation Meeting Whilst Absent from Work (Sickness or Maternity)
Invitation to First Consultation Meeting (Selection Criteria Completed, Results Issued, At Risk)
Invite to Final Consultation Meeting (Any Redundancy Situation)
Lay Off and Short Time Working Policy
Letter Confirming Details of Alternative Role and Trial Period
Letter Confirming Dismissal Following an Unsuccessful Trial Period
Meeting Agenda Template (HR)
Meeting Notes Template
Proforma 1st Stage Consultation Meeting
Proforma Final Stage Redundancy Consultation Meeting
Redundancies completed – Thank you for your support letter
Redundancies Management Guide
Redundancy Announcement Letter – Unique Role
Redundancy Announcement Meeting – Example Script
Redundancy Consultation Form
Redundancy Consultation Letter (Employee Now At Risk As Pool Has Been Widened)
Redundancy Consultation Letter (Employee Now At Risk, As No Longer Unique Role)
Redundancy FAQs
Redundancy Outcome Letter (Used For Any Redundancy Situation)
Redundancy policy
Redundancy Selection Criteria Form
Selection Criteria Completed – No Longer At Risk Letter
Selection Criteria Completed – Responding to Query
Staff Representative | Ballot Paper
Staff Representative | Example Job Description
Staff Representative | Nomination Form
Staff Representatives | Acceptance of Resignation
Staff Representatives | Confidentiality Agreement
Staff Representatives | Invite to Stand as a Representative
Staff Representatives | Training Invitation
Staff Reps – The Consultation Process Collective Redundancies inc Terms of Reference
Unique Stand Alone Role – No Longer at Risk of Redundancy Letter
Voluntary Redundancy | Application Form
Voluntary Redundancy | Letter Accepting Application
Voluntary Redundancy | Letter Inviting Applications
Voluntary Redundancy | Letter Provisionally Accepting Application and Invite to Final Decision Meeting
Voluntary Redundancy | Letter Rejecting Application
Voluntary Solutions Agreed – No longer At Risk of Redundancy Letter

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