Data Protection Breach Reporting Form


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Wizard’s words of guidance…

Use this Reporting Form….

When a data protection breach is discovered, to record all the details relating to the data protection breach.

This reporting form covers:

  • A description of the data involved in the breach
  • A description of the nature and circumstances of the breach
  • The number of people whose data is potentially affected
  • When the breach was reported and who it was reported to
  • Whether the individuals affected by the data breach have been informed.
  • The risk to the individuals as a result of the data breach
  • Action taken to retrieve or destroy the data
  • Whether action has been taken with any members of staff responsible for the breach
  • Whether the staff concerned have received data protection training
  • Learnings
  • Actions
  • Date added to Breach Risk Register
  • Date reported to ICO

Ask us for further support…

  • If you would like support changing or implementing a Data Protection Breach Reporting Form.
  • If you would like support managing a situation involving a data protection breach or a near miss.
  • If you would like support managing the individual(s) responsible for a data protection breach.

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