Data Protection Risk Register


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How to use this data protection risk register:

This risk register is designed to be used as a log for all your data protection risks that might threaten the organisation’s success. It is designed to be a living document which is populated following a risk assessment process. The risk register allows the risks to be quantified, assessed and ranked, and provides a structure for collating information about risks and the actions being taken to minimise those risks.

If you are logging the data protection breaches that have occurred, please use our Data Protection Breach Register.

This risk register covers:

  • The data protection risk
  • The risk category
  • The probability of the risk occurring
  • The potential impact of the risk
  • The Risk Score
  • Action taken to minimise the risk
  • Individuals responsible, deadlines, review dates

Ask us for further support:

  • If you need support completing this form
  • If you want support assessing your risks and creating action plans


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