Here’s a little bit about Docs Wizard

I’m Helen Jamieson, Managing Director of Jaluch International. Jaluch International has three brands: HR Docs Wizard, H&S Docs Wizard and Training Wizard.

My team of consultants at Jaluch has been supporting clients with day-to-day issues for over 17 years, it is that same expert team that has now developed these template documents for you: over 400 HR documents covering all aspects of employment and over 370 H&S template documents on key topics.

A client once asked my team to redo their employment contract and handbook that had just been drafted by a legal firm and had cost the client £5000. They said the legally worded documents had created distrust and now they wanted something with words and tone that staff could relate to.

Docs Wizard is, therefore, not just about ensuring you have easy and cost-effective access to legally compliant and fully editable documents, but also providing you with templates that can easily be tailored to reflect your culture and demonstrate the value you place in your people and your reputation. By all means, discipline someone, but don’t send a letter that is likely to irritate them so much that they raise a grievance or take you to Tribunal. By all means, carry out the necessary audits, but don’t do that in a way that puts people’s noses out of joint!

If you have any feedback or suggestions for us about how we can make the service even better for you, please do let us know.
Helen Jamieson

Helen Jamieson

Managing Director - Jaluch

Some Of Our Members

What Our Members Are Saying

“I would recommend Docs Wizard as a cost and time effective tool which is very simple and easy to use. You can find the letter or policy you need at a click of a button and then adapt it to suit your needs, makes your life a lot easier.”

Joanna Lander

HR Manager | BRG

“I subscribed to HR Docs Wizard, it’s very useful (it’s making me look very intelligent and knowledgeable!)”

Bruce Knight

Managing Director | Ray Knight Casting

“As the MD of a small business without a dedicated HR team, it’s great to have so many resources on tap that can save considerable time, and money – it was a no brainer!”

Charlie Hoare

Managing Director | Huntington House

“We subscribed to Jaluch’s HR document wizard and it paid immediate dividends, when we used one of the templates the very next day. It’s simple to navigate, easy to use, saving time and money.”

Raoul Perfitt

Managing Director | Herb UK

What our clients say...

“I get a buzz every time I need an HR Document and I pray it’s in Docs Wizard and it ALWAYS is. Docs Wizard has literally saved me 1 hour this morning as I head into a meeting.” Antoinette Daniel, Just Helpers

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