10.5 Top Tips for Using Template Documents

How to use template hr docsDo’s

  1. Do check the formatting at the end as there is nothing worse than receiving a letter with two or three different fonts and styles. It will not reflect well on your professionalism.
  2. Remember to update the date, name and footer on your document.
  3. Do make the document your own. Use your language and style so that your employees see it as an internal document.
  4. Do be aware that various phrases are included for legal reasons to protect you. If you have no knowledge about the law it will be really hard for you to know what is and is not an optional extra. Ask!
  5. Do check to ensure that the content and the tone of the letter/document you create will achieve the desired result. You don’t want to send a letter that might create conflict with a long serving valued employee or issue an overly soft letter to an employee who has for too long taken advantage.


  1. Don’t add in so much wording or delete so much that the end letter or document simply doesn’t make sense. RE-read each sentence and paragraph to make sure it flows.
  2. Don’t share documents with friends in other organisations. This is theft as well as a breach of copyright.
  3. Don’t forget to check what date the document was downloaded. Are you sure you are using the most current? The law and best practice are continually changing so make sure your docs are recent.
  4. Don’t forget to remove from your document any or all wording relating to your search and download. It might for example have an embarrassing title such as ‘how to dismiss your employee with short service’. That’s not phraseology you want to be sending out to your employee.
  5. Don’t ignore any boxes requiring you to insert something. Don’t just delete. You probably do need to insert something!

And Finally…

10.5 Don’t guess, assume or ignore phrases or elements of the document you don’t understand fully. Templates are just templates. You will need to get good legal advice at times to ensure that what you create is clearly understood and fit for purpose.

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