Data Protection - GDPR

Consent Form and Guidance
Data Processor Agreement
Data Protection Audit
Data Protection Breach Flowchart
Data Protection Breach register
Data Protection Breach Reporting Form
Data Protection Breach Reporting Policy and Procedure
Data Protection Policy (Long)
Data Protection Regulation Policy (Short)
Data Protection Risk Register
Data Protection Security Guidelines
Data Retention Policy
Job Description Data Protection Officer
Management Guide – General Data Protection Regulation
Permanent Contract of Employment (Full Time)
Permanent Contract of Employment (Part Time)
Privacy Notice for Applicants
Privacy Notice for Employees
SAR Acknowledgement and consideration of the third party’s opinions regarding disclosure of data
SAR Acknowledgement of the third party’s consent to disclose the information
SAR Extension to Time Period
SAR Further Information Required
SAR Internal Letter Asking Staff to Search Their Records
SAR Obtaining the Opinions of a Third Party (inc. referees)
SAR Refusal to Supply References
SAR Response Letter – Outcome
SAR Script to Determine ID
SAR Unable to Provide You With the Requested Data
Website Privacy Notice

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